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Panama Hats Pompons

$ 40.00

Panama Hats Pompons , have 5  different Variants to chose. Borsalino,  honey color and White color, The Traditional Panama Style en Honey Color, Pava 1 white color and Pava Caribe naturla Beigge color. They are adorned with hat bands and  Pompons.

 Beautiful  multicolor designs Hats Bands Pompons. Genuine Handmade Hat. These is a an European style , very Famous. Unisex and casual and Formal, it is elegant for every activity and cloths. Honey  Natural color, these Panama Hats are Eco Friendly, Without Additives or Chemicals.Hand woven  from Toquilla Palm  with the  same technique used since 1.865 in Colombia. The fibers is taking from the Toquilla Palm stem, after cook it they get the threads to weave the hats. The quality depends of the number of  points per 2.5 cm2.

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