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Designed Wayuu Mochila

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Designed Wayuu Mochila

One of a kind designed Wayuu Mochila. Medium Size is the traditional size Wayuu Bag, good for all activities. They  are Hand woven in double Thread,  with a beautiful Osonuchi that matchs with the body colors.They are very famous in the world Fashion, thanks  to Vogue Magazine  that has showed these unique and wonderful bags. If somebody offers you repeat many times the same pattern, the bags are made in machine or for other people different to Wayuu people. "ONE OF A KIND". It means that every Mochila is different and unique, because every one shows the  thoughts of the Indigenous weaver.

 The indigenous transmits in their designs the  love,  peace and beauty   thoughts, thath  give a gorgeous  Mochila bag  full of colors.In the past the Indigenous only hand woven in One Single Thread, but no all the people could buy these Mochilas, so they decided to weave one Mochila Bag less expensive  hand woven in double Thread. Double Thread or economic Mochila, hand woven in a simple crochet with two threads. It is perfect for Shops that can´t sell the best quality to their clients because of the costs.

These is an economic Mochila Bag, more heavy that the ones handwoven in one Single Threads, because the Indigenous use two treads to  work faster the bag and they spend less time  making a Mochila, but the designs are unique and beautiful. The Strap is called Osonuchi and it is handmade by The Wayuu Male Indigenous: The Osonuchi Strap,  matchs with the body colors.  

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