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Borsalino SUR. Genuine Panama Hat

$ 16.00


Borsalino SUR

Borsalino SUR ,the less expensive  genuine handmade panama hat in the market.It is  a Borsalino  style, very Famous. Unisex, casual and nice.The color is white.Eco friendly products, Hand woven  from Toquilla Palm  with the  same technique used since 1.865 in Colombia. The fibers is taking from the Toquilla Palm stem, after cook it they get the threads to weave the hats.  

The quality depends of the number of  points per 2.5 cm2.

36 weaves per inch 2. Borsalino Style. Edge: Nylon finished.

Not rolled  or fordable

Sizes:  XS, S, M, L

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